History of Avon Glen Lodge

The Spirit of Masonry

Avon Glen Lodge was formed in the Spirit of Masonry, brethren willing to share, to aid and assist in the distinguishing characteristics of a Mason. Our Lodge from its humble beginnings, received support and voluntary donations to help us grow and become what it is today. At first, we borrowed all the furniture, jewels and regalia required to operate, then in 1952, Bro. Walter Bates presented the Volume of , V.W. Bro. Charles Lilley presented the Square and Compass and Bro. Reg. Barton, the Working Tools of the third Degree.

In 1953, R.W. Bro. Dave Penman presented three oak gavels, which he had hand crafted, for the use of the Worshipful Master and his Wardens. Later that year, he also presented the Working Tools of the second Degree fashioned from oak more than two hundred years old which originated from the museum at Cambria in France that was destroyed in World War I. In 1954, W. Bro. Charles Sinclair presented the Worshipful Master’s Apron at the Installation of his successor, W. Bro. George Windwick. The Wands for the Stewards and Deacons were donated by Bro. Marv Henderson, the Columns for the Junior and Senior Wardens were donated by Bro. Konnie Wenner, the Ballot Box by Bro. Walter Cade, the Low Twelve Bell by Bro. Stu Pettit, the Setting Maul by R.W. Bro. Percy Puffer, the first and second Degree Aprons by Bro. Pat Patterson, W. Bro. George Windwick and W. Bro. Keith Stewart. The Hoodwinks and Cable-tow by Bros. Boyd, Crockett, Dean, Derraugh, Driscoll, Fraser, Rowe, Smith and Wilson, and M.W. Bro. Horace P. Reid, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Alberta, presented two valuable books on the History of Freemasonry.

R.W. Bro. Charles Sinclair, in 1956, presented an exquisite fashioned Trestle Board on the occasion of his official visit as District Deputy Grand Master. During the years many of our Brethren l • have continued to support Avon Glen Lodge in many different ways. Our Tyler’s Sword, presented by W. Bro. Kingsley Dean, bears the names of all the Tylers who have served in that Office. The many books for our library, the services rendered to upkeep and maintain the Lodge, regalia and possessions point to a succession of support by the membership. Further evidence of the excellent feeling that permeates this lodge maybe found in the contributions by our Brethren toward many Char-ties, the Masonic Higher Education Bursaries, Habitat for Humanity, Schools and in support towards the Community. The care and support to our widows continually shows our care and concern for their welfare.

Avon Glen Lodge No. 170 has, and will always be a role model for the zeal and benefit for the many members that we have attracted to the Fraternity, proclaiming the high ideals of our Order so that future members may have their lives enriched by the secrets of our Masonic art.

A brief history of Evan Glen Lodge No. 170

in January 1952, returning from an official visit R.W. Bro. Murray Hamilton, Past Master of Acacia Lodge #11 and DDGM, travelling with his secretary V.W. Bro. Louie in Langford discussed the possibilities of starting another lodge in “South Edmonton”. On his official visit in late January 1952 to Acacia Lodge #11 he proposed the brethren present that they sponsor a new Lodge. Meetings were held in February and March of that year and the necessary steps were taken. The meeting at Acacia lodge on March 30th, 1952 paved the way for Evan Glen for it was at this meeting that books were taken on the name of the new lodge, Avon Glen prove to be the choice

Avon Glen lodge was instituted on Wednesday June 4th, 1952, A.L. 5952, under the direction of R.W. Bro. Murray Hamilton. The regular meeting day (first Wednesday) and meeting place (Acacia Masonic Hall) have remained the same since it was instituted. The first Master of the Lodge was R.W. Bro. Charles Sinclair and he served for the years 1952 and 1953. Avon Glen lodge #170 was constituted and concentrated on October 7th, 1953.

There were 52 Charter Members, many of them from our “Mother Lodge” Acacia Lodge No. 11. Membership grew quickly; sixty-five candidates were Initiated in the first four years. In 1957, just five years after being formed, membership reach 157. It peaked at more than 200 and remain steady in the 190 range for several years, but more recently has declined to around 150 members.

Within our membership, we have had many prominent Edmonton citizens over the years. They include a former Mayor of Edmonton, 3 Provincial Judges, a member of the Alberta Legislature, and innovative Educator (Order of Canada). Prominent Masons include the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Alberta and twelve members elected or appointed Officers of the Grand Lodge of Alberta.

Our ritual work has always been of a high standard, attrition a tradition of which Avon Glen is justly proud. The brethren have participated regularly in Masonic R & E, District Workshops, the Masonic Spring Workshops at Banff and Kananaskis, and have given many papers within our own Lodge and District.

Socially, Avon Glen has always been known to enjoy the many opportunities taken to strengthen the bonds of family and friends. The Picnics, Wine and Cheese parties, Bowling Nights, the annual “Ladies Night”, the annual Lodge Golf Tournament and Barbecue have all been well received. Informal breakfast gatherings for the brethren, their families and prospective candidates have been a recent successful addition. The Lodge has won many trophies and has even been known to win the odd bonspiel or golf tournament (faintly remembered).

Avon Glen has had an interesting 68 years. Some traditions peculiar to the Lodge are: presentation of personal Bibles and the Lecture given on the presentation of certificates to all newly raised Master Masons, the presentation of a hand-crafted gavel and apron case to the newly installed Worshipful Master, usually made from materials having special meaning to the recipient . While not necessarily in ritual, these traditions have added greatly to our meetings and special events

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