Avon Glen is a Lodge of dedicated and active Freemasons of mixed age, backgrounds and ethnicity located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We are members of the Masonic Fraternity operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alberta.

“As FreeMasons – We are a group dedicated to personal growth and core values.”

Shoes divide men into three classes. Some men wear their father’s shoes. They make no decisions of their own. Some are unthinkingly shod by the crowd. The strong man is his own cobbler. He insists on making his own choices. He walks in his own shoes. We choose to walk in our own shoes.

—  S. D. Gordon

The origins of Freemasonry

In the Middle Ages, the term”freemason” was awarded to highly skilled stonemasons who were hired as free agents to build castles and cathedrals in England and Scotland.   READ FULL STORY →

1717, Organized Freemasonry

Organized Freemasonry began with the founding of the Grand Lodge of England on June 24th, 1717, on St. John’s Day actually, which was the first Grand Lodge in the world.   READ FULL STORY →

1739, Freemasonry in Canada

Freemasonry in Canada traces its origins to the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland, as a result of Canada’s history as a dominion within the British Empire. The first Masonic lodge in Canada was founded in 1739 at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.   READ FULL STORY →

1886, Freemasonry in Alberta

It was the Grand Lodge of Manitoba that granted a dispensation on January 13, 1882 for the establishment of the first Freemasons’ Lodge outside the boundaries of Manitoba. Saskatchewan Lodge No. 17 G.R.M. was instituted on February 13, 1882 and consecrated on April 21, 1883.   READ FULL STORY →

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